Worshippers (Limit of 150) entering the church must leave their name and contact details for COVID- safe purposes. Social distancing (1.5m) and hygiene measures must be observed at all times.

If you have flu-like symptoms, Please stay home…

Daily Masses – Tuesday to Saturday at 9:15 am. No bookings required but register your name and contact details in the Attendee record form on a table located at the Hughes St. Entrance.

Weekend Vigil Mass ( Saturday 5.30 pm) and Sunday (8 am , 10 am ) Masses – ‘Book in Advance’ using links below. CONTACT THE OFFICE IN THE ABSENCE OF INTERNET BY FRIDAY. OFFICE IS CLOSED ON SATURDAY AND SUNDAY.

2nd November – All Souls – 9.15 am – click here

2nd November – All Souls – 7 pm – click here

24th/25th October Weekend 

25th October 8 am  – CLICK HERE

25th October 10 am – CLICK HERE

31st October/1st November Weekend 

31st October 5.30 pm – CLICK HERE

1st November 8 am  – CLICK HERE

1st November 10 am – CLICK HERE

7th/8th November Weekend 

7th November 5.30 pm – CLICK HERE

8th November 8 am  – CLICK HERE

8th November 10 am – CLICK HERE


How to pray the Rosary 

Welcome to St Michael’s Church, Meadowbank

Welcome to those who like to know or be involved at St Michael’s Church, Meadowbank.

We hope that you will learn about us and that we will be able to learn from you and help grow our parish community.

Caring for Children and Vulnerable People:

The Parish is committed to the Christ-like care of all children, young persons and vulnerable people. By following in the example of Jesus Christ and his words to “Let the little children come!”, the Parish is doing all it can to build a community and a Church that safeguards the voice, freedom and life of children, young persons and vulnerable people. Please click on LINKS to view some of our essential policy documents.

Donating and Contributing to the Parish

The Parish is able to flourish and continue the work of Christ through the generosity, support and participation of our parishioners. If you would like to contribute in any way to the parish, please click here. 

Parish Facebook Page 

Please visit and follow the Parish Facebook Page. Please click here.